With innovative thought and a commitment to transparency, the management at Rockview Group, Inc., looks to set the standard for large-scale projects and investment. The leadership of Rockview Group, Inc., has designed and executed successful companies and dedicated various projects which owe their success to the foresight and business expertise of that leadership


Real Estate Syndication


Rockview Group works diligently to find the real estate deal, negotiate the purchase and financing, and close the deal. You the investor invest and become partners in the actual Real Estate property. Monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants are paid out as cash distributions monthly to you the investor. Our main focus is the purchase of service stations, multi-family, and multi-tenant commercial real estate. 


Information on this page is not an offer or a solicitation to sell or purchase securities. Statements, descriptions, and data on this page are for informational purposes only and relate to an investment opportunity which may be offered in the future. No offer or solicitation will be made until the necessary final documentation and agreements have been delivered to you.

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